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Affinity Group brand photography banner with logo


Affinity Group provides IT Consulting & Recruitment Service to successful customers in a professional environment with a friendly voice. It helps them feel confident, and achieve business objectives efficiently.
typography  & colours
Amping up the Vibrancy
In the process of rebranding Affinity, our first step involved a vibrant transformation of the colour palette. This shift manifested in the creation of a fresh, lively version of the logo, injecting a burst of energy and contemporary flair into the brand's visual identity.
Affinity Group brand colours: navy, teal, orange and redAffinity logo with grid
Affinity Group brand typography - Open Sans
photography & video
A New Visual Approach
In reshaping the brand's visual narrative, we opted for a more authentic photography. We also captured footage of the Affinity team during a live event. This personalized touch not only allowed us to showcase real moments but also reinforced the connection between the brand and the people behind it.
Affinity Group branded cinematic photo of a working professional
Affinity Group branded cinematic photo of an office space
Affinity Group website page design on a desktop
Affinity Group website page design on mobile screens
Introducing New Website Elements
Embracing a contemporary aesthetic, we've introduced clean line icons that succinctly communicate key concepts, adding a touch of modernity and clarity to the site’s content. Incorporating rounded shape photos enhances the visual appeal, elevating approachability into Affinity’s digital space. These visual elements create a harmonious balance, making the new website not only informative but also visually engaging.