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Oasis brand mood photo of palm trees with Oasis logo


Nestled in the heart of vibrant Brentwood lies a hidden Oasis defined by its resort-inspired amenities while maintaining a close proximity to desirable shops, parks, transit & more.
art direction
Finding a signature motif
Throughout our branding projects for Oasis, one consistent element was the palm leaf. Serving as a natural and fluid shape, it infused the designs with a sense of organic allure and visual intrigue, reflecting the essence of Oasis as a sanctuary of natural beauty and relaxation.
Clean elegance in print
In our print design endeavors, we crafted a variety of projects for Oasis. The project brochure was printed on high gloss paper with a matte cover featuring an embossed logo and leaf pattern. Additionally, we designed more branded marketing materials around the architectural floorplans provided to us, ensuring they align with the brand's aesthetic.
Oasis floorplate design with brand coloursOasis floorplans designs with brand colours
Oasis campaign printed banner designs
Oasis bus stop billboard design
We assisted a number of campaigns for Oasis, designing assets such as foam boards, bus stop advertisements, and more.
social media
Instagram story images for Oasis with brand colours, renderings and a chart
Seamless integration
We incorporated key assets into the digital realm by crafting Instagram stories featuring engaging infographics and essential information about the Oasis complex.